Back to School

Summer is over

After a long summer break the children have finally gone back to school. I have 3 boys and when they are home all day it makes it very difficult for me to get anything done. Becarma has taken a back seat over the past month however I am now back.

Over the holidays, our house never seems to have enough food and children who usually get along seem to argue over everything.

However the long summer is now over and the children are back to school.

The next few weeks

The next few weeks are very busy here at BeCarma HQ. We are in full swing to bring out some new products, as well as preparing for our first big show. We will be exhibiting at the Birmingham NEC as part of the Hemp Expo.

See if you can spot our advert in the show magazine. A little bit of detective work for you to do, once you locate the BeCarma advert see if you can find the (not so deliberate) mistake. If you find the mistake feel free to message me and let us know you have spotted it. I may even allocate a coupon for those who spot it. Lets see how observant you are.

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