End of first month

Happy 1st August end of my first month as BeCarma. This is a massive thank you to you all. It was a big step for me to rebrand and start again after the forced closure of the HerbiGold brand.

Quitting is failure

Thanks to your loyal support I really feel that BeCarma can and will be better than HerbiGold ever was. Plus I now have the advantage that I am the only owner so have the authority to make business decisions without being told ‘no’ or having to negotiate.

This is enabling me to offer really good pricing because that is what I believe in… offering a top quality product at an affordable price for everyone, no excessive over pricing at BeCarma. I offer a no frills great value product that really helps.

End of first month means second month has started, although August is a quiet month for online sales I hope it will be a good one.

Let’s make August an even better month!!

Thank you so much.


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