whirlwind few days

Whirlwind few days…..

When you start a new business you can never predict how it will go. Even though this business is an extension of what I was doing before there is still no certainty of how things will progress. It is early days…

Today is the start of day 5, i can honestly say I have accomplished so much in the whirlwind few days. 

My website is looking great and more importantly is working well, have i just spoke too soon !!! 

The stock all arrived, although a couple of days later than I had hoped. My new 1200mg peppermint flavour oil is looking to be a best seller, why didn’t I sell this earlier.

peppermint 1200

pepp 1200 3.7.19


cannapro certfied

Yesterday, 4 days after launching BeCarma had its CannaPro registration approved. This was done rather fast due to me already having a very good record in the CBD industry, selling compliant products and knowing what needs to be included (and not included) on the website in order to remain compliant. 

This now means I can use the CannaPro certificate on the website which is a fantastic seal of approval to have in this industry. There are so many other sellers who do not comply and who would be unable to obtain certification due to their bad practice.

Anyway, just a short update as it has been a whirlwind few days …..



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