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I often get asked why I sell CBD oil. It was not a natural market for me to be involved with. I don’t smoke, I don’t take drugs.

I am just a regular working mum.

18 months ago when I first started to sell CBD oil, my friends thought I was joking. My friends would jokingly say I am like Walter White from Breaking Bad. An accountant by day and drug dealer by night. 18 months ago, CBD was not as well recognised as it is now and it was associated more with illegal substances. However the media has helped in raising awareness for CBD, which is now widely recognised for what it is, a legal herbal supplement.


Hempworx CBD oil

Turn back the clock 18 months, I buy a bottle of CBD oil from a brand called Hempworx. I thought it was amazing. It helped me with my sleep and seemed to be helping me and lots of other people with various aches and pains. This brand was based and shipped from the US, however in order to ship to the UK it had both tax and extortionate shipping fees added. It made the oil to expensive and had very long shipping times. I also then found out the company was not legally allowed to sell their oil in the UK.

Being the entrepreneurial and busy person I am, I thought that I would investigate UK suppliers. I was sure I could find a better quality product which would be cheaper for my now rapidly expanding facebook group in which I offered advice and support for UK customers.


HerbiGold CBD oil

In June 2018 HerbiGold was born. This was the brainchild of myself and my now ex-business partner. Together we created an amazing vibe, we spoke everyday discussing the ideas we had and how we could implement them together. We brainstormed and created a fab name and branding which was different to other companies around, we wanted to offer something different. Having searched high and low for excellent Europe based suppliers, we eventually found ourselves some options and settled on a great supplier who helped us establish ourselves.

An affiliate scheme was launched, which at its peak had nearly 200 affiliates all selling our HerbiGold products. Our sales started with just 2 natural oils, a 600mg and a 1200mg. We quickly realised our customers wanted more and we were determined to deliver. We arranged for our supplier to produce a natural lemon flavoured oil for us, starting with the 600mg. It was a massive hit, we had Instagram and Facebook campaigns. We had made our mark and were standing out from the competition.

Roll on 6 months and as often happens in partnerships (both business and personal), the relationship broke down. I wanted to continue expanding and pricing competitively but unfortunately my partner had a different agenda. It was a real shame to bring this amazing product to the market just to then close down. I really didn’t want for that to happen. I tried to save the HerbiGold brand but unfortunately I was unable to do so. Eventually too much damage was caused due to actions taken so closure of the HerbiGold brand was for the best.


Becarma oils

Roll forward to 1 July 2019…..BeCarma was born- it is more than just a rebrand of HerbiGold. It encompases all the positive of HerbiGold but now I can run the business how it was always intended without being held back. I am now able to reinvest into bringing you the best products. I have also restarted the very successful affiliate scheme, which I never wanted to close. BeCarma incorporates every element of why I sell CBD oil. I sell CBD oil in order to bring this amazing product to you, my loyal customers, at affordable prices. I am running this business because I care about people. I love hearing about the results you are finding from taking the oil and using the balms. Your testimonials and reviews are what give me the enthusiasm and encouragement to keep going. My business is all about you.

Obviously I also personally take the oil twice daily and do not plan to stop anytime soon. Feel free to connect with me personally through my facebook group, Instagram or via LinkedIn

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