Disposable 3 ply masks


Sealed pack of 25 Adult Face Masks

This purchase includes a sealed packet containing 25 disposable 3 ply masks.

Please note, the colour of mask may vary slightly from photo.



Disposable 3 ply masks

Highly repellant of droplets, dirt or other particles in the air.

BFE Bacterial filtration efficiency  95%

PFE Particle filtration efficiency 95%

These are shipped to you in sealed plastic packaging with no instruction or detailed information on the package.

The box that contains 2 sealed packages with 25 disposable 3 ply masks inside is shown as a picture on this item but the masks are shipped without the box.

Relevant FAQ


1. Wash your hands. First thing’s first: Your hands need to be squeaky clean before you put on the mask, so wash and sanitise, This decreases the risk of contaminating yourself when you put a mask on. Along the same lines: Never touch the inside of your face mask as you’re putting it on. That could get bacteria on the very area you’re trying to keep clean.

2. Put the mask on the correct way up, the metal strip should be at the top and you adjust this to the contour of your nose.

3. Cover from nose to chin. People often focus on covering their mouth. But you want to make sure your nose is tucked securely under the mask, and the material fits tightly under the chin too. Make sure once your nose is secure, you pull the mask down covering your chin, the mask should not have any folds in whilst being worn.

4. Once it’s on, take a few deep breaths in and out. You should be able to breathe through the material, but you shouldn’t be able to detect any major air leaks. If, as you breathe in, you can tell that you’re getting a lot of air through the bottom of your mask, tie it a little tighter in that area.

3. Remove it correctly. Taking off your mask is the trickiest part, The most common mistake people make is peeling the mask off from the front. That’s an easy way to contaminate yourself; you’re basically just touching your face, the number one thing you’re not supposed to do. Removal should always be from the back of your head, use the elastic straps around your ears as a way of removal. Immediately wash or sterilise your hands.

Remember paper 3 ply masks are disposable after one use. 



Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 3 cm


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