About BeCarma®

We care

Here at BeCarma®, we care. We care about what we put into our bodies, we care about living naturally. We care about you, we care about our customers. We care about providing quality products you can trust.

cannabis growing

Here at BeCarma®, we are not trying to change the world, we are just trying to help you, our customers help themselves in the most natural way possible, we care about living naturally by using plant supplements rather than synthetic ones.

The plant we are very interested in is the cannabis plant. Did you know this amazing plant is thought to have existed around 27 million years ago. Throughout history and throughout cultures of the world there are mentions of the cannabis plant. So why in modern times has it taken so long for the benefits to be realised.

History shows that cannabis derived products have been used by the Chinese from as long as 2,500 years ago. There are records of its use from 15th century in Europe. It is thought to have been introduced to the UK in the 1800s. It is most certainly not a new find.

Quality products you can trust

We currently stock hemp teas, golden CBD oils and CBD balms with plenty more products coming soon. Not all of our products will be derived from cannabis or hemp, but all help you to live a more natural healthy life. All will help your body work in harmony with nature without unnecessary additives.

All of our products are carefully researched and sourced from the best suppliers across the UK and Europe and all have testing certificates so you will be assured of quality throughout.

Many of our products are produced specifically for us, all are produced under strict hygiene and regulated conditions. No cooking in the kitchen here at BeCarma just quality products you can trust. You do need to be careful when choosing a supplier because the market place has become flooded with everyone trying to ‘jump on the bandwagon’. Although Becarma itself was only established in 2019, Simone who runs BeCarma has been in the industry since early 2018 with her previous very successful company HerbiGold. Many of the products previously sold by HerbiGold are now sold by BeCarma so you can be reassured as to the same top quality of the products.

For a restful nights sleep, try our camomile and lavender hemp tea. Have a cup at bedtime instead of your normal plain camomile tea. The lavender really gives the tea an extra dimension.

If you are a fan of green tea, you do not want to miss our rose green hemp tea which is refreshing and delicious. The rose adds flavour without being too overpowering. A tea which you can drink hot or cold at any time of day.

Another of our new teas is Apple and Elderflower this is a delightful drink, not overpowering but you can taste both the sweet apple and the elderflower and the two combine really well leaving a wonderful aftertaste.

Our oils are all golden oils which have had the CBD extracted via either CO2 or cold press methods. Golden CBD oils give you all the benefits of CBD without the bitter taste that is often associated with the black raw extracts. Our processes remove the unnecessary chlorophyll leaving you with the essential cannabinoids and full spectrum, aromatic terpenes, that enhance the efficiency of the CBD and a great tasting oil.

Golden Vs Raw Black

gold vs raw black

This photograph shows you our golden natural oil compared to a raw black extracted oil. Which one would you prefer to take?

While raw or “black” CBD oil is the easiest and least expensive to manufacture, the lack of processing can detract from the product’s overall effectiveness.

Black CBD oils are extracted and then infused with a vegetable oil – they undergo no further processing. Similarly, black decarboxylated oils are inconsistent in composition and effectiveness. Only filtered, golden oils made from naturally grown European hemp offer the consistency in CBD content and potential health benefits, that keep customers coming back for more.

Black extracts can be produced at home, if you have the correct raw ingredients, but golden extracts need expensive equipment giving you the reassurance they are produced in proper facilities and not someones kitchen. 

THC, a fundamental psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis can be found in percentages of up to 0.2 in black CBD oils because it is much harder to regulate in the raw state.  Whilst BeCarma golden oils can guarantee a concentration of less than 0.05% – a huge difference for consumers looking to avoid any presence of psychoactive compounds. BeCarma golden oils are legal, safe to consume and don’t stop users from driving, operating machinery, etc.

Why settle for less, when you can buy top quality golden oil from BeCarma®. Feel free to follow our facebook page.

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