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Why I sell CBD oil

About me I often get asked why I sell CBD oil. It was not a natural market for me to be involved with. I don’t smoke, I don’t take drugs. I am just a regular working mum. 18 months ago when I first started to sell CBD oil, my friends thought I was joking. My […]

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End of first month

Happy 1st August end of my first month as BeCarma. This is a massive thank you to you all. It was a big step for me to rebrand and start again after the forced closure of the HerbiGold brand. Thanks to your loyal support I really feel that BeCarma can and will be better than […]

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mocha oil on offer

It has been a very busy few days. Lots of adverts being created for magazines being issued in the next few months.¬†However, despite all this, I have great news, mocha oil is on offer. Orders are starting to come in more now which means more frequent trips to the post office once again. It is […]

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whirlwind few days

Whirlwind few days….. When you start a new business you can never predict how it will go. Even though this business is an extension of what I was doing before there is still no certainty of how things will progress. It is early days… Today is the start of day 5, i can honestly say […]

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5 Days to go until we launch

5 days to go until we launch We are getting very excited here at BeCarma HQ. Only 4 (and a bit) days to go until we launch. This is the start of a very bright future, it has been wonderful to have the support of so many people who have seen what has been happening […]

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