Mocha 600mg Golden Oil in MCT

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Mocha 600mg golden oil, full spectrum CBD oil in MCT base

This 10ml bottle of Mocha flavoured 600mg golden oil in an MCT base will provide you with at least a 30 day supply and up to 200mg CBD a day.

CBD oils sold by BeCarma are food supplements designed to be taken sublingually. Take 1 or 2 drops under your tongue and hold there for around 60 seconds or until it disappears, the time will vary depending on how many drops you take.


Shake the bottle before use and store in a cool dark place and out of reach of young children

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Mocha 600mg golden oil is a great alternative to the natural flavoured CBD oil and suitable for anyone who does not like the natural earthy taste that many hemp based cbd products have. Our mocha 600mg golden oil has an MCT base.

BeCarma supplies Mocha 600mg golden oil, which is a full spectrum CBD oil. With 600mg of CBD carried in coconut derived MCT oil,  each drop contains approximately 3mg of CBD. We suggest starting with one or two drops twice a day under your tongue, and slowly increasing by one drop every three to four days.

When CBD is carried in MCT oil it is rapidly metabolized by the body. Healthy fats are reported to encourage the use of fat for energy. There have been many studies reported that suggest MCT fats can help support healthy body composition, as well as enhanced brain function. When you combine this with CBD, the result is a smooth golden CBD oil and perfect for an active lifestyle. It is thought to boost energy, increases metabolism and balance blood sugar so it makes a great base for CBD oil. It is also thought that consuming MCT-rich foods like coconut increases the ability of people to work out longer during high-intensity exercise routines which is why MCT based products are so popular with athletes.

MCT based oils so not have the natural taste of hemp based oils because the MCT is tasteless so many people prefer this as a base. The mocha flavour really comes through so for regular coffee drinkers this is a great option.


  • Cannabis sativa L. full plant extract
  • MCT oil base
  • Mocha flavouring
  • Full range of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids
  • No pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals
  • No additives
  • THC no more than 0.05%, virtually untraceable

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All BeCarma products are food supplements only, and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. BeCarma products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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5 reviews for Mocha 600mg Golden Oil in MCT

  1. Sue Jazuk (verified owner)

    Very pleased and Simone is so helpful and patient ..and caring .. an excellent oil and service with great prices

  2. Rod Burchett (verified owner)

    Ordered double this time as the price was good, great service, thanks

  3. Philippa Kelsey (verified owner)

  4. Stephen Snelling (verified owner)

    Maybe a placebo effect, I’m not sure for certain, but since I have been using this product I have had a slight reduction in joint pain and have had a positive lift in my mood, I will carry on using the product because placebo or not I’m feeling so much better.

  5. Caroline (verified owner)

    Has a slightly odd aftertaste and stings my throat, but still perfectly usable.

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